Halloween Baking


So it’s half term, yup a whole week off with the kids for Halloween.  Already panicking about what to do to keep them occupied?  How about some fun, quick and easy family baking?  Here are some of my tried and tested recipes and a new one that I picked up from BBC Good Food that I baked with my 6 year old niece.  So tried and tested with and without little ones and they work!

Halloween Chocolate Bark


I’d rate this recipe as the easiest, all are pretty easy, but this is the most basic, needs less ingredients, cheaper and the quickest to make. Click here to get the recipe.  It’s also a great way to use up sweets your kids might have picked up trick or treating.

Chocolate and Avocado Halloween Cake


This I am rating as medium, not so much that it’s hard but you need to make the effort to go and get more ingredients if you don’t already have them in the house and it takes longer than the bark.  So this is the recipe I found on BBC Good Food it was actually a vegan recipe, but I chose it more for the fact I had an avocado I wanted to use up and just switched the recipe to what I had in the house, which was not dairy free/vegan ingredients.  It was lovely and moist and lasted about 5 days (it probably could have gone longer if we didn’t all scoff it). If you want to try this recipe just click here.

Gingerbread Mummies


I’m going to give these Gingerbread Mummies the most time consuming rating, more because it does take longer to make due to resting times and the piping of the buttercream bandages on the mummies.  The piping may put people off because they think it’s hard,  but honestly it’s so easy, in the recipe you will see a photo of my 6 year old niece piping herself.  If you want to make these click here for the recipe.



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