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Well it’s official I am a married woman, Friday 24th May 2019 I married my best friend and greatest love. We had the most amazing day from start to finish with our friends and family, it was everything I had planned and imagined. Even though I spent the whole day yawning and telling people I couldn’t wait to get to bed, seriously planning and creating a wedding is exhausting!


Would I do it all again, I just don’t know, it went by like I was in a dream, I felt as if everything was happening around me and I was just drifting through. The best thing we decided in advance was that Phil would drive down to the wedding venue and then once we were married he would drive us to the wedding reception so we would get time alone, just the two of us.

Surprisingly for me, Mrs Anxiety I wasn’t nervous or anxious once, Mum said it was because deep down I knew it was right and I had nothing to be worried about. I also knew as long as Phil was there that I would be fine. Phil on the other hand was a tad nervous and I think knowing he had to hold it together for me made him even worse, when I met him at the top of the aisle his hands were purple, sweating and cold; lets say it was a struggle to get that ring on him.


However when it came to the reception I just couldn’t settle in some way; I had had a headache all day (thank goodness for pain killers) and once we got to the food, the wedding cake, drinks, dessert and night food I could barely touch a thing. I don’t know what it was but I felt really full (even though I hadn’t eaten since the morning), perhaps it was the dress, perhaps it was the heat in the room, or perhaps it was people’s eyes on me coming up at the first dance, who knows.


Yup this is me sitting outside on my lonesome (however there were loads of people and kids floating about so I was never actually alone) outside because I just couldn’t cope with the heat of the barn in my dress. I look like I’m eating away here too, but actually this was probably all I could manage to eat. I was absolutely raging too, because the food was so good! So for that reason nope I don’t think I would like to do it all over again, yes as a guest at my wedding, but not as the bride. That way I could still have the fun I did with my friends and family and of course with Phil for the few brief moments I saw him, but that I could also have enjoyed all the food and drink.


What I would do again in a heartbeat is our wedding night and no don’t get all smutty about it. I would love to stay and really make the most of our night at One Shore Street, check out The Wedding Edit – Wedding Night for all the photos and our review of the place, but to really make the most of the day and night and enjoy the pampering. Actually I am trying to talk Phil into going for our engagement anniversary while we have some wedding gift money in our account, so I will keep you updated on that one.


So now that I’ve introduced myself as a married woman; officially Mrs D now, let me introduce you to The Wedding Edit series of blog posts. My plan is to create a range of blog posts surrounding the run up to the wedding; the hen parties, the planning, the dos and don’ts etc and once they have all been published I will link each of these blog posts below. I have written these to share with you guys, my followers (some of which have been around for the 8 years I’ve been blogging), for the brides to be and also as something for me to look back on in years to come, so I hope you enjoy!



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