The Wedding Edit – Dressing the Bridal Party


Today’s post in The Wedding Edit series is all about dressing the bridal party, the dramas and ease of trying to dress two bridesmaids and a flower girl. I’ve also thrown my mum into the equation as both she and I have had so many compliments on her dress and how she looked.

M O T H E R   O F   T H E   B R I D E


Mum was actually the first person to get her outfit for my wedding, yes she got her dress before I had even looked for mine. Keen or what?! It actually just happened to be by pure fluke, we were in a local village and mum decided she would look into a small, local boutique; LilyRose Boutique and this was the one dress she tried on and loved. It was in the sale and the only one left so she bought it there and then, vowing to cut out chocolate in prep for the wedding and fitting perfectly into the dress.


T H E    F L O W E R G I R L


Next up was my niece, she was mega easy to please, all she wanted was a ‘wedding dress’ just like mine. We kinda hit the memo with the dress, but to be fair as soon as she tried on her dress she fell in love and that idea of matching mine went out the window.


Looking about for flower girl dresses initially the prices were crazy, especially in the bridal shops, well for me they were crazy. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a dress she would grow out of so quickly, or I would say a dress she’d never wear again, but I know how this little lady likes to dress up. So I planned on trying the high street and went to my local shopping centre Rushmere where we checked out TKmaxx to start with, but unfortunately there were none in her size. So we headed to Debenhams and we struck gold with the first dress she tried on!


Now the dress was initially too big on her, but it fitted her height wise, she may only be 6, but the size/age 9 was the perfect length for her, it would just need to be taken in on the bodice. When I asked her did she like it? She said ‘No, I love it!’ So that was her sold and I was happy that she was happy and even better it was in the sale from £89 down to £24.50! I cant find it on the website anymore, but this dress is similar and also by RJR John Rocha.


For the dress alterations I waited about a month before the wedding as I knew she would grow in the meantime. We went to Made and Measured in our local village Moira, who were just lovely. They were absolutely fantastic, they were great with my niece and really patient, even though I have to say she was really good at standing still and following instructions!


The charged me £25 for alterations as they took a lot off the dress and then when we returned to the second fitting (about 2 weeks before the wedding) they had to do the same all over again because of course my niece would have had a growth spurt then. So you can actually see the difference in the lengths of the dress in just a couple of months. Which is why if you are buying for kids remember they do have growth spurts, you can’t time them so buy bigger and book your alteration appointments as close to the wedding as the business recommends (you don’t want to leave it too last minute).


T H E   B R I D E S M A I D S

If any of you have followed me for a while on Instagram and watched my stories you will have seen the drama I had around the bridesmaid dresses; yup that one time when I cried and had a bit of a melt down. Trying to find two dresses that matched in well with my dress and didn’t cost a small fortune was so much harder than you may think. With my dress being quite plain, with a boho style vibe and not glitzy it was hard to find dresses to match that brief. We tried on so many dresses and styles and just couldn’t get the right one. For reasons such as the dresses being the wrong style for the girls, ill-fitting, the wrong colour, an awful material, see-through to name just a few. Let me share with you just some of the dresses we ordered from ASOS that hit all those unfortunate areas.


Then mid crisis, so many of my lovely Instagram followers recommended a range of dresses and other companies to try, one of which was Next, which I hadn’t even thought of! The first dress I ordered and the girls tried on was this one and it was just perfect and under budget in price.


Didn’t my bridal party look absolutely amazing? I’m so happy with how all the looks turned out and the girls just complimented my dress perfectly.

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