The Wedding Edit – Hen Parties

Yes you read right, I said hen parties, not party. Of course I of all people would have more than one hen party! Well that’s not originally how it was planned; it was meant to be one semi-planned/semi-surprised hen in Liverpool, but not everyone would be able to make Liverpool, so it turned into a home hen and a Liverpool hen and then the girlies in work through in a work hen.


From day dot I knew I always wanted my hen in Liverpool if I was ever getting married; yup, I decided that back when I was single, long before I had ever met Phil. From the most I first visited Liverpool I loved it and then there was the fact that 3 of my besties live over there. Three girls I rarely see, we don’t even chat loads, but those friends that you know have your back no matter what and when you see them after months or possibly a year or so has passed it’s like you were with them yesterday. Two of these girls I actually met on a hen years ago. So knowing they would be at my hen no matter what Liverpool was the perfect place!

Don’t worry I’ve a whole other post about my Liverpool hen, where wee stayed, what we got up to and what I wore; I feel like I need to add a section on each of these hen posts about what I wore. There will also be a post all about my Belfast/Home hen too, again covering what we got up to, where we went and what I wore. However for now I’m going to tell you about my Work Hen.



These two are my partners in crime in work so of course they would plan a hen party for me and take me out. So we work in Ballymena (a town in Northern Ireland) and ended up just having a night out there. We started off with a meal at The Pizza Parlour, this place does the nicest food, it’s well priced and it’s BYO (Bring Your Own), definitely needed when you are going out so close to pay day!


We then headed to a local bar for some impromptu karaoke! Karaoke has change a lot since back in the day, back in the day you had a book to flick through and you could choose what you wanted to sing. Nowadays you can literally pick ANY song because it’s all digital! I’m sorry but I need a prompt for something like that, my mind just went blank. So I now need to think of a song that I can forever choose as my Karaoke song so I am prepared! Do you have a Karaoke song?

Once we ran out of money, which was rather quickly, like I said it was close to pay day, but not pay day so it was a hen on a tight budget! We headed home for some homemade cocktails and games.


Emma picked up this hen party game and it was such a laugh, it was ‘Pin the Willy on Billy’, we didn’t have a blindfold so just had to close our eyes and go for it lol!


W H A T   I   W O R E


Bride Headpiece/Hair band and veil – Poundland Bride to Be T-Shirt – Primark

Bride to Be sash – Poundland Belt – New Look Skirt – Marks and Spencer (old)

Boots – Dunnes Stores (last season in the sale)


Last but not least I had a customised clutch I bought from The Mirabelle Gift Company on Etsy. I used this clutch for all three of my hen parties.

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