My Preggo Lookbook Series

First off I want to say this ‘series’ isn’t just for those of you who are pregnant. This is for anyone who is looking for some inspiration to pull together an outfit from their wardrobe or some summer outfit inspiration. Fashion and style are 100% unique and sometimes sharing styles can spark an idea in someone’s mind to throw different colours together or wear things together they’d never have thought of. 90% of the looks and clothes I will share are NOT maternity but just clothes I’ve sized up on.

What is it with ‘official‘ pregnancy/maternity clothes and their prices? I mean it’s like the words ‘wedding‘ or ‘baby‘, mention them and straight away an extra price tag is added. Nevermind the fact that I’ve yet (ok pre lockdown) to find a shop that stocks maternity clothing, it’s all online and I personally have no clue as to what size or styles suit my preggo body. So before we even start shopping there’s the knowing that you’ll be 1 out of pocket at some point and 2 have the joy of returns and don’t even get me started when you’ve to pay delivery on top of all that!

Now I’m not really about fast fashion, yes I do buy new clothes, and yes hands up cheaper and from Primark at times, but everything I have in my wardrobe I wear and rewear when I can.  Hence why some of the outfits and looks I’m going to share in this my ‘Preggo Lookbook Series‘ do include clothes and accessories I’ve had for years. However with a growing bump I’ve had to add to the wardrobe. The mostly dresses I may add I’ve bought with the intention I could wear them again next Summer and either go for a ‘floaty/oversized’ look or I could get them altered.

Where I can I’ll tag or link where I bought the items, although if they are some of the oldies from my wardrobe that won’t be possible. But perhaps you will have something similar lurking in your wardrobe, or you’ll see a similar item online or in the shops. Or if you are a fabulous charity shop fiend (which I’m not, never any luck) you might find it or similar second hand. My hope though is a bit of inspiration and for me something nice to look back on.  I also find doing these little look books and either sharing them on here or on my Instagram account helps me on those ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ or ‘I don’t know what to wear’ days.

I hope you enjoy this little series and if you have a similar look pulled together or see items online, let me know, I’d love to see! Either comment on the post or tag me on Instagram @mrs_ds_lifestyle

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