For anyone who follows me on instagram @zane_mlmbz you would maybe have spotted my instagram story as earlier I got really bored waiting for the other half!

After waiting for him in the car for 40mins, I needed to pee so could wait out there no longer. So I sat like a loner with an imaginary boyfriend who was ‘running late’ for 20’mins as tables filled around me. Never mind my hunger intensifying as everyone ordered delicious food and I studied the menu!

He did in the end arrive, an hour late and typical his meal came first; firecracker chicken. But at least the sides came at the same time so I could munch on the chilli squid and fried duck gyoza.

And then mine finally arrived; the chicken ramen. A delicous fresh meal that was definitely worth the wait!!! 

We ❤ Wagamama


First week in the life of a 31 year old


My first week of being 31 years old, I have to say has been a good one!  Let me give you a round up . . .

Number one


Monday 20th March was my birthday and it was the most unbirthday birthday I have ever had, but that is just how I wanted it and liked it.  Pretty much it was a Monday like any other, work all day and no birthday fuss.  The best part of Monday was wearing my new shoes!

Number two


Yes you might recognise them from my previous post Window Shopping, I fell in love with them so much I just had to buy them in Stradivarius.

‘Life is too short to wear boring shoes!’

I teamed them with navy leggings and one of my favourite denim embroidered shirts.

Number three


Wednesday I had a doctors appointment for my ribs (12 weeks to heal, not the news I was hoping for), anyway, surprisingly the traffic was really light to I arrived down with 40 minutes to kill before my appointment time. So I decided to treat myself to a coffee and traybake (I had had a pretty tough day) from two local businesses; Coffee Cure and new Artisan Bakery in the town Sprinkles and Crumbs.  I’m not going to give too much away just now as I have a future post planned, but I will say they were delicious and totally hit the spot!

Number four


OK, maybe I’m sad, but yes a highlight of my week was picking up some new Batise dry shampoo from Tesco.  I picked these up on a 3 for 2 offer, these are some of the scents I love and I was looking to try out the ‘Heavenly Volume‘.  Note to you all, you don’t need as much of the heavenly volume as you might apply of the normal dry shampoos, I learnt this the hard way, hair like a bird’s nest if I tell you the truth. It definitely does what it says on the tin!

Number five


The nails got a revamp.  I had infills for my acrylic nails and this time round I showed the fabulous Lorriane from Beauty N Lurgan a few of the ideas I liked and told her to decide what she wanted to do.  Nude-pink gel polish over the acrylic on my nails with a glitter detail on my ring finger.  This is one thing, without fail I treat myself to, I don’t often get my hair done or spoil myself with beauty treatments, but for me my nails are a must and I get about 6-8 weeks out of them.

Number six


I baked for the first time in ages, taking inspiration from Layer Cake who featured in my post Mmm, delicious!. I loved their Malteeser  Rocky Roads so thought I would have a go at making an Easter themed recipe with Kinder Bueno mini eggs.  I was planning to share it with you all but after tasting it I think there is something missing and being the perfectionist that I am, I don’t want to share something pants!

Number seven


Saturday night was birthday dinner out with some of my girls.  Maybe dare I say it I have grown up slightly and gone are the days of drinking like a fish, getting all dolled up and spending a fortune on a night out.  This year it was all about good food, good drinks and good company!  We headed to the newly revamped AVA Bistro, again I’m not going to say too much as they are going to be featured in an upcoming post in more detail.  All I will say was that the food and drinks were delicious and the company was fabulous!

With any birthday celebration an outfit is a must.  I had been hunting everywhere for a new top for the occasion and between not seeing anything I liked or what I did like being a weird shape on I had given up.  It had got to the stage where I had a hunt through the sale rails (very rarely do I ever seem to have any luck here) and by chance I came across this ruffled soft denim shirt by M&S Collection from Marks and Spencer down to £16.  I’ve been wanting a ruffled one for a while, but never found one to fit or sit nicely over my rather big boobs.  So I was so happy when I tried this one on and it both looked and felt comfy!  I teamed my new shirt with a pair of statement earrings (can’t remember where from I’ve had them ages), my skinny denim jeans again from M&S Collection with a pair of stiletto nude shoes, which I love, haven’t worn in ages and despite having for years are in perfect condition!

Number eight 


Last, but not least I have spent my Sunday celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mum.  Headed to the cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast, which we both enjoyed.  I have to say I did find it very long and although I really enjoyed the special effects and acting I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to watch it again or buy it when it comes out.  Perhaps though that’s because it wasn’t my favourite Disney film as a child, mine was always Alice in Wonderland.  

We’ve just had delicious Sunday roast and ready to chill out on the sofa and catch up with the new series of Grace and Frankie on Netflix.  A perfect end to a pretty good first week of being 31.  I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday, whether it’s celebrating Mother’s Day or not, perhaps it’s just enjoying this brighter night, now that the clocks have sprung forward.


Kinda, sorta free 

I say kinda, sorta free because well our lunch on Friday worked out at only the cost of our drinks and a few pounds more because we boosted our clubcard vouchers.  It wasn’t until around Autumn time I first did this, never thinking I would have enough and to be honest with only a couple of restuarants in Northern Ireland to chose from I didn’t see the point.

However when I realised Zizzi Italian was opening over here in Belfast in Victoria Square and was a Tesco Clubcard Booster option I was over the moon.  I had eaten in their restaurant in Inverness and then in Belfast when it first opened with my Dad.

This time though it was mine and mum’s turn. We were heading up to town for the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and some shopping, so decided to book a table for lunch.  Initially I couldn’t get in contact over the phone so went onto the Zizzi website and booked that way. Something that was a lot quicker and easier than I had thought.

My £10 of clubcard vouchers boosted to £40 of food vouchers for the Zizzi restaurant which was sent through to my email address. These can be used only on food, NOT drinks.  But once you pay your bill with the vouchers you can then pay the remaining balance whatever way you wish.



First off we ordered drinks, mum went for a white wine and I went for a cocktail; the Pink G&T – Handcrafted gin with tonic, strawberry purée, cucumber, mint, fresh raspberries & rosemary.


We then ordered a starter to share. Fonduta Formaggi; a melting pot of gorgonzola, gruyere and pecorino cheese with ‘little soul breads’ for dipping.


For mains, mum when for the Rustica Margarita Pizza with the added torn chargrilled chicken topping.

I went for the Spaghetti Bolognese and we shared some ‘little soul’ breads.


Mum went for the Tiramisu.

I went for a trio of ice creams with salted caramel sauce.

  • Coconut and chocolate ripple
  • Pistachio and hazelnut
  • Chocolate

Our verdict

Our dinner and the service (especially from Kris our server) was fantastic and mum loved Zizzi too. We will definitely be back, vouchers or not. I would 100% recommend Zizzi hands down for fresh and authentic Italian food!


Seriously, they are real!


Today I spent my Sunday doing something a little different than normal; I was working at the Quirky Wedding Fair at the Waterfront  in Belfast for Wedding Cakes by Design.  I have worked with Dawn the past 2 years at the fair and every time I see her again she has added more stunning Wedding Cake designs to her collection!


These are just a few of the Wedding Cakes Dawn had along with her today for the event.  ALL of the flowers and feathers etc are handmade out of sugar paste and are edible! Amazing I know, to look at them they are so stunning you wouldn’t believe that they are not real flowers.  Let me show you close ups of some of the cakes in this picture.


 This is one of Dawn‘s newer Wedding Cake designs, linking in with the styles on this seasons Wedding dresses and indeed Wedding fashion at the moment.

This edible beading (the photo doesn’t do it justice) is applied individually by hand and took 8 hours alone to decorate.

This Wedding Cake is a 4″, 6″, 7″ and 8″ tiered cake that would give 85-100 servings.  This cake as you see it would currently cost £500.


This was the Wedding Cake my eyes were first drawn to when I arrived this morning, I just love the hand painted flowers and the edible gold covered layer!

Again the photo’s just don’t do this Wedding Cake justice (I think I’ll be saying this a lot!)  The detail in the painting of these flowers is beautiful and then they are tided in with the rainbow style colouring on the top tier and the sugar paste flowers on the top.

This Wedding Cake is a  6″, 7″ and 8″ tiered cake that would give you 75 servings.  This cake as you see it would currently cost £400.


Copper and rose gold is very popular at the minute and this Wedding Cake ties in perfectly with that theme.  This is a light green and copper cake with red and pink handmade, edible sugar paste flowers.


This photo shows you a bit more detail on the stunning flowers.  This Wedding Cake is a 4″, 6″, 7″, 8″and 10″ tiered cake that would give 130 servings.  This cake as you see it would currently cost £530.


This Wedding Cake is a classic at the show (this is maybe it’s second year) and always is so popular.  This is a champagne colour with a luster effect and sweeping sugar paste flowers.

This photo gives you a better close up look at the sugar paste flowers. The Wedding Cake can also be made without the luster for £15 less.

This Wedding Cake is a 4″, 6″, 8″and 10″ tiered cake that would give 130 servings.  This cake as you see it would currently cost £540 with the luster and £525 without.


Another of Dawn’s new Wedding Cakes, something a little different with the dream catcher, butterflies and feathers, again all handmade from sugar paste and edible.

A bit more of a close up on the feather detail. This Wedding Cake is a  6″, 7″ and 8″ tiered cake that would give 90-120 servings.  This cake as you see it would currently cost £450.


This semi naked Wedding Cake is another of my favourites, I love the elegance and simplicity of it!  Also I don’t like fondant icing so the buttercream covering is perfect for me.

I also like the fact that with the semi naked Wedding Cake you can go for different flavours in each tier as the covering of buttercream hides the different coloured sponges. This Wedding Cake is a 6″and, 8″ tiered cake that would give 60 servings.  This cake as you see it would currently cost £250.

Another popular design is the marble (hard to see in this photo, but you should find it on the website or facebook page).  This Wedding Cake is a 4″, 6″and, 8″ tiered cake that would give 70 servings.  This cake as you see it would currently cost £350.


Last but not least is this frame and feather Wedding Cake,  the feathers alongside the flowers and gold detail are all edible and handmade from sugar paste.  This Wedding Cake is a 4″, 6″, 8″and, 10″ tiered cake that would give 130 servings.  This cake as you see it would currently cost £540.


As I said earlier each tier of the Wedding Cake can be a different flavour and that doesn’t add to or change the price of the cake.  One of my absolute favourites is the Orange Blossom and Pistachio, I’m not an orange fan, but it is so subtle and delicate.  Dawn can also make additional flavours if there is something not on the list.


Don’t worry there are links to Dawn’s website and Facebook page throughout this post, but I will add clear links below.

*The prices of these Wedding Cakes are current to today’s date 19-03-17*

The prices and styles may change so please contact Dawn for further information.  The cakes Dawn makes are bespoke so the colour and design of the Wedding Cake or flowers can be change or mixed about from one cake to another.  Which is why you should have a look at more of her cake on both her pages, this way you will get more of an idea of what she can do!

There is a £50 deposit to secure your Wedding Date, with the full amount of the cake needing paid in full 2 weeks before your big day.

Dawn can deliver to most Wedding Venues with a delivery charge (usually covering mileage).

You can also contact Dawn to book an afternoon tea style tasting of the Wedding Cakes.

The links you need

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/our.weddingcake/

Website – http://www.ourweddingcake.co.uk/weddingcakesnort.html

Window Shopping


Yesterday I spent my day off with Mum up in Belfast celebrating St Patrick’s Day,along side the parade I shared on my Saint Patrick’s Day  post we also hit the shops and did some window shopping.  I was looking for an outfit for my girls night out next week, and typical when you are looking you see nothing suitable.  However I did spot some of these beauties, it’s a good thing I haven’t been paid yet or I would have been on a real spending spree!

1. Lush 


After spotting these on Lush Belfast’s instagram page, I had to nip in to their shop on Castle Lane and see them for myself in real life and take in both the beauty and the aromas.

Golden Egg

img_20170317_130959.jpgThe first I spotted straight away (yeah, little magpie over to the glitter) were the Golden Egg bath bombs.  So sparkly and pretty and a steal at only £3.95! The look on my Mum’s face however was PRICELESS as she thought about how the bath would look after.  I don’t think she has the same love of sparkles and glitter as I do!

Chick ‘n’ Mix


I reckon these Chick ‘n’ Mix bath bombs are quite possibly the cutest Lush products I have EVER seen! They split into 3 parts and have a little egg in the middle!  The sweetest prezzie ever, never mind for Easter, but for Mother’s Day for a newbie Momma or a Momma to be!  A little more expensive at £6.95, but that is getting you 3 bath bombs.

Milky Bath


There was just something about these Milky Bath Bubble Bars I just had to take a photo of, maybe it was the delicious smell, or perhaps the simplicity of them.  These guys are £3.75 and something a little different from your bath bomb, perhaps dare I say a little more fun?!

Easter Display


Ok, ok there are more than just Easter bombs here, but they are the ones my eyes and nose were drawn too, so I’m going to tell you more about them and for any of the others you want more info on, you can visit the Lush website.

First off on the top left of the photo there are the Bunch of Carrots bath bombs, 100% it was the look of these that drew my eye, they actually look pretty natural (not your typical supermarket natural, but you know those ones you see on cookery shoes and food magazines, the wild carrots) and good enough to eat! These little bunches are £6.50 for 3 carrot bath bombs.

Next up on the top right we have the striped Which Came First? bomb, such a refreshing smell of citrus, but not too over powering.  To me the design on the bomb is perfect for the sent as it reminds me of sunshine.  This little sunshine in a bomb would be perfect to cheer you up on a rainy day or after a long day at work.  Named Earn Your Stripes, this little bomb is £.695.

Finally, bottom right we again have the Which Came First? bomb, but this time, this one is named That Hits The Spot.  It’s the same citrus smell and £6.95 price as it’s name sake, just the design is different.

2. Dune 


Next on the list is Dune in Victoria Square, I am a sucker for shoes, well OK I admit it I am a shoeaholic, with definitely over 100 pairs!  Yet I still buy more and CANNOT resist a pretty shoe shop, with Dune being one of my favourites.

Now these are my kind of trainer! Pretty and sparkles, I mean what is there not to like?!  These little stunners the Elecktra Black retail at £95, so yeah these will have to be on my wish list and in my dreams, unless I spot them if, or when they go on sale!

3. Stradivarius


Now to somewhere a little more on my price range; Stradivarius on Donegall Place. This was the first time I had been in and actually I ended up going in twice as I ended up going in a second time to make a little purchase (you’ll have to wait until one of the next posts to see what). There were loads I spotted and loved, a great range of not just clothes but accessories and handbags too.  But as I’ve already disclosed i am a Shoeaholic, so these beauties were the ones I had to photo and share.

I have to say as amazing a camera the one on my Huawei P9 is, the photos just don’t do these stunners justice, in real life they are even prettier!  Again I loved the design an the added detail of the sequenced flowers. These Jewelled slip ons with embroidery detail are only £29.99.  I think they would be perfect for all seasons, especially Winter coming into Spring, as I don’t think we have reached Spring just yet!

Another obsession I have is for Pom Poms, you can also NEVER have too many Pom Poms! I already have 3 pairs of flats with pom poms on them, however not trainers, this season is the first time I have spotted trainers with detachable pom poms (why you would detach them I don’t know?!?)  I have spotted them in a few shops but these ones have been the best value for money in my opinion and teamed with the rose gold toe, what’s not to like?!  If you too love Pom Poms and rose gold these Sneakers with Pom Poms will set you back £29.99.

4. Hotel Chocolat 


Last but by no means least, we had to call into Hotel Chocolat on William Street South to have a look at their Easter range, after they teased me with their Easter catalogue through the post.  These are a few of my favourites from their Easter Collection.

Easter Pen Pals


How unbelievably cute are these little Easter Pen Pals, £10 for all three little animals in Milk, White and Dark Chocolate.

Prefer them individually?  Then you can get Wooliam or Elizapeck for £6.50 each.

Tiddly Pots and Speckled Eggs


Tiddly Pots

These tiddly pots are drops of chocolate and either come in Elizapeck milk chocolate tiddly potRabbert dark chocolate tiddly pot or Woolliam caramel tiddly pots each priced at £2.00.

Speckled Eggs

These milk chocolate praline eggs come in three colours of crispy shells again with either Elizapeck, Rabbert or Woolliam on the design; Elizapeck speckled eggsRabbert speckled eggs and Woolliam speckled eggs.  These are all £5.50 each.

So if you are out and about in Belfast, why not pop into these shops and take a look and maybe even spoil yourself!  


Happy St Patrick’s Day


Today I spent Saint Patrick’s Day up in Belfast on our day off with my Mum.  Even with the typical Northern Irish weather of wind and rain, we stood along the streets of Belfast to watch the St Patrick’s Day Carnival Parade.  Even with the dull backdrop, grey rain filled clouds the parade got off to a fantastic start.


Check out some of my photos, considering I was hiding under my brolly on a pretty packed street, I think my Huawei P9 did a pretty good job!.





You may not have been there yourself, but I hope these photos have brought you a little closer to Saint Patrick’s Day in our wee city!



New nails


Once again my nails have changed.  I really wanted to show you the new polishes I used rather than the pretty basic design I went for.


Just last week I treated myself to a couple of new polishes with a gift voucher I was given.  With nearly 100 different polishes (yes I am an addict!) I wanted to find a couple of colours I didn’t already have.  You can’t really see too easily in the above pictures the real colour and effects of the polishes, so let me give you a closer look.


This is NailKale Palace Gardens from Nails Inc and I suppose you would describe it as a muted aqua blue mixed with a kale green colour.


And this little sparkler is the Good Vibes Rainbow top coat from Nails Inc.

Both £15 and a fabulous addition to my collection!  What colour trends are you loving at the minute?