Polka dot nail tutorial

So today I went to afternoon tea with my bestie, and decided to fancy myself up a little, inspired by my gorgeous new blazer/jacket I treated myself to in Primark during the week. It’s a gorgeous navy blue with white polka dots, so last night at about midnight (when I still couldn’t sleep) I decided to polka dot up my nails to tie in with my jacket and outfit for this afternoon. This blog will now show you how to do it yourself! 🙂



what you will need . . .

  • a good basecoat
  • dark/navy blue nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • white nail art pen (optional)
  • a kebab/cocktail stick
  • a topcoat polish


step one

File your nails into the shape you want (if you need to), ensure your nails are clean of any oils or polishes, and apply a base coat to your nails. Most dark colours tend to stain your nails I find.


I used nails inc a&e advanced treatment as the base coat, just to give my nails some TLC. *links for the products I use can be found at the end of the blog*


step two

On every finger bar your ring finger apply your dark blue nail polish. On your ring fingers apply the white nail polish.


I used nails inc chandos place as my dark/navy blue and floral street as my white.



step three

Once you have let you’re nails completely dry, on your blue nails you are going to apply white dots, this can either be done with the pen bit of your white nail art pen or using the cocktail/kebab stick, it is up to you. Try to keep your dots quite random and not too big or they will take forever to dry.


My dots were not exactly perfect or matching on each nail but it really doesn’t matter so don’t be worrying about it if yours aren’t all the same.



This is my thumb up close as you can see dots are random. I always find these hard to do as you could keep adding dots forever, the thing is to know when to stop, you don’t want too many but then again you don’t want too little.


step five

Now it’s time to do your white ring finger. If you wanted you could just leave this nail plain or do the same technique in step four with the blue polish (random dots).

However I decided to go for a sort of waterfall of tiny polka dots. This is the first time I have tried this technique out. I’ve seen loads of pictures online and thought I would give it a do as something a little different.

Firstly I started off at the tip of the nail using the blue polish and my kebab stick making tiny dots, I tried to keep them tight together and random, trying to not just paint them in rows. As I went down the nail I spaced the dots a bit more and tried to paint them randomly as you can see in the picture above.

step six

The final step as always is the top coat. I used the nails inc kensington caviar topcoat.



Why not go and try this technique out yourself this weekend and don’t be worried about using different colours, mix it up and just use your creative touch.


Links to the polishes used in this tutorial . . .

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