Accessorize Summer Loves

accessorize top 30

To celebrate their 30th birthday! Accessorize have selected 30 pieces they love for this Summer and just can’t live without!!  I have to admit the majority of these items I too just love and would be perfect for this Summer!

Accessorize top 30 must haves!

But it also got me thinking as to what would be my top picks from my local Accessorize  . . .

accessorize top 24

I tried my best to try and limit myself and pick items I haven’t featured previously, so I limited myself to my top 24.  Take a closer look . . .

10462493_10152128475277021_1381230210968840493_n 10464115_10152128474657021_2505943360668138964_n 10428642_10152128474357021_4778291879279214446_n 10474320_10152128473982021_629476058446282993_n 10468677_10152128473367021_2301050362491824453_n 10429313_10152128473652021_3201788923372470003_n 10441150_10152128474817021_8969713793037537730_n 10447658_10152128474217021_8514096597899869361_n 10460734_10152128473877021_6368940273784656886_n 10431538_10152128473722021_1881444454295704954_n 10423675_10152128475202021_4147736924024886999_n 10422242_10152128474452021_8892696012049497384_n 10437465_10152128474752021_1522793600865736835_n 10439459_10152128473792021_8537180117133997518_n 10421094_10152128473592021_123695999333348889_n 10419409_10152128474282021_4347568502929488298_n 10406774_10152128473257021_8431537383805060144_n 10401965_10152128475117021_2346673529139905719_n 10357178_10152128474587021_3206496454914651298_n 10362943_10152128473232021_7947686698852659108_n 10371663_10152128474057021_1807926703262698408_n 10390235_10152128474132021_7974590255864665952_n 984105_10152128474527021_1316221099960259534_n 10303868_10152128474922021_11681748634635214_n

These items can all be found in my local Accessorize, in Bloomfield Shopping Centre, located where Monsoon was, opposite Argento and beside o2.


Bloomfield Shopping Centre

South Circular Road


BT19 7HB

You can also check out the online store

To find your closest Accessorize


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