Alright pet?

Today’s blog is of course inspired by love, but also by a photo I came across whilst I was researching valentine gifts.

I thought the statistics were pretty crazy, but it got me thinking about the love between an owner and a pet. I don’t have any pets myself (unfortunately!) so I asked my friends and family. If you would like to have your say or an input on any of my upcoming blogs visit my facebook page and click ‘like’

💙Cat – a grey one
💙We’ve had her about 3 years
💙I love her because she’s mental and fluffy
💙Name and shame – bokes on the tv and poos behind it!

💙This is lucky, also known as fathead- term of endearment lol
💙She is a miniature jack russell
💙I’ve had her for 11yrs n she is the absolute love of my life!!
💙She is my little shadow, follows me everywhere, is very protective over me and is just as much a fussy eater as i am 😃 (shes more like my 2yr old child, than a dog)
💙Ehh, bad habit would be barking at people coming into the house, people walking into the room she’s in, people coming near my car, near me.. you name it, she lets you know about it lol 😃

💙Eddie and Wee Miss
💙They are cats, Eddie’s a tabby and Miss is Calico
💙We’ve had them almost 3years
💙I love them because they love me, wee miss cud cuddle me all day if I let her, and eddie can fetch
💙Name and same lol any bad habits I can’t even go to the toilet without them torturing me!

💙Shado (on the left)
💙Black lab
💙Had him from 8 weeks till last January. He was 7years and 8months old, when he was put down
💙I loved Shado because he was a fantastic dog
💙His only bad habit was that he didn’t like the postman…
💙Becky (on the right)
💙She will be 8 in May
💙I love her because she’s a great dog, although she is very timid!
💙The only bad habit I suppose you could say is that she doesn’t like strangers and doesn’t like anyone apart from family touching Katie (my daughter) or myself! VERY VERY PROTECTIVE!

💙A Border Collie
💙Nearly 4 years
💙I love her because she’s mental, my personal alarm clock, and can give the slyest looks lol, but honestly, and not to sound like the sappiest sap, but I can’t really describe why I love her.
💙Her bad habit would be that she has to sniff very blade of grass when she is out, there is no such thing as a quick walk with her!

💙Mieka and Captain
💙7 months old
💙Siberian huskies
💙Extremely annoying, don’t actually love them but have to put up with them!
💙They love ripping clothes, love attacking my vegetable baskets, dug the entire garden and chewed all my roses! They poo constantly.. If u leave them on their own for 5 minutes the will pee and poo which makes no sense! The girl mieka has a thing for leaking my rug which really peeves me off.

💙Mr Fluff
💙He’s a cat
💙He is about 8 months old and just a big ball of fluff!
💙He loves getting out to meet his cat buddies but he always comes home at night for a cuddle between Eoin and I on the sofa. He has his own laundry basket that sits in the middle of the living room just for him to lie in. He is surrounded my loads of cat toys and is absolutely spoilt rotten!
💙I love him because he’s just adorable!

💙She’s 1 year old
💙She is a yorkie
💙Had her from 6 weeks
💙How could u not love her she is my wee tiny, when I’m down she is always bouncing to greet me
💙She is pretty laid back

💙He is a labradoodle and bonkers
💙Very jealous, big edjit
💙He’s not very good with men, he tries to protect me
💙He loves being pampered (should have been called Alice lol)
💙I love him cause he’s my right hand man 🙂
💙His name and shame is air peeing when he gets excited lol growing out of it slowly though!

💙Biccie which is short for Biscotti.
💙He is a lop eared bunny
💙I got him at easter in 2008.
💙The reason I bought him is because I always wanted a bunny and I went into the pet shop and saw him with the rest of the rabbits and he was the smallest of all of them. Then I went back a few days later on a Sunday and he was all alone and I didn’t want to leave him on his own overnight all alone so bought him and a cage that day much to the upset of my mum.
💙He doesn’t really have any bad habits.
💙He is the best rabbit ever, he lets you pet him all day long and eat from your hand and sit on your knee and watch tv.
💙Unfortunately he is a very sick bunny a lot of the time, I assume he was the “runt” of the litter but he is great with taking medicine.
💙However he does have a female companion called cottontail who is a brown rabbit with a white tail who is extremely fat and grumpy…hence why I’ve no photos of her. She doesn’t like being touched, constant menopause apparently. She likes to honk and hiss at you, so she has enough bad habits for both of them! Biccie is my favourite (I know mothers shouldnt have faves but I do) best bunny ever!

💙Spencer Cheekybum Honeychild Price/Brown
💙Dog / Shiz Tzu
💙Had him for 4.5 years
💙I love Spencer is a little lifesaver, I got him when I was going through a really bad spell of depression and he helped me through it by just being there. I couldn’t love him anymore than I already do 😊
💙Spencer has MANY bad habits! He likes to eat stones, money, candles and paper. In the past he’s licked up bleach, mr muscle and shampoo. I wonder sometimes how he’s still alive and kicking!

💙He’s a Cockerpoo
💙Had him for 9 months
💙We love him because he’s fluffy, friendly and crazy
💙His bad habits are that he poos loads and eats everyone’s socks

💙She is a shih tzu
💙She is almost 4 years old
💙I love her because she is so adorable and super smart! She can high five and do lots of tricks, she will put her paw on her treat tin until you give her a treat, and even if you spell the word treat she knows what it means.
💙She is a wee rascal sometimes too though- if she hasnt seen you in a while she gets so excited she latches onto your toes and wont let go! She also used to have a toy in the shape of a handbag and if you told her to go and get her handbag she would go and get it!

💙Terrier cross
💙We adopted her from Assisi two weeks ago
💙I love her because she is affectionate and playful, but she can also be a little mischievous

Awh you guys all make me so jealous with the love you have for your pets and the unconditional love they have for you! Roll on me growing up and getting my own place to have a dog of my own! 🙂

Lots of love


3 thoughts on “Alright pet?

    1. Thank you 🙂 yes my theme for this months blog is all about love, why just keep to one day and for people in relationships! I hope you enjoy the next ones I have coming up 🙂 xx

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