Nail me . . . Valentine’s nail tutorial

Today’s blog is a tutorial inspired by an earlier post this month – February nail inspiration. In that post there were a few nail ideas I loved so I decided to try them out alongside a couple of other ideas.

My valentine nails include ‘LOVE’ in scrabble letters, mini hearts, ‘love’, red roses, petals – he loves me, he loves me not, love heart and white drawn heart. I’m now going to show you, step by step how to create them yourself.

The first nails I’ll show you are the ‘LOVE’ in scrabble letters . . .

Firstly you want to start off with a base coat on your nails and then using a nail art pen you want to write your letters, I used the thin brush end of the pen to write the L,V and E, and for the O and the numbers I used the pen end.

Only after I had written the numbers did I realise they were wrong, but hey lol. Ok once your letters have dried, I used a toothpick and a brighter coloured nail polish to create dots on the nails.

The next nail was the mini hearts . . .

I think these look mega cute and were actually really easy using this picture I found on Pinterest

Firstly I painted my nail with a double layer of white polish then using a cocktail stick and a couple of shades of pink and purple polish, I followed the above picture and covered my nail with hearts. This technique was really easy, hearts can be hard to do, but this way easy peasy!

For my middle finger a painted a base coat of bright pink and when dry I used my white nail art pen, and using the pen part I attempted to write, in joint up writing love and using the same technique as above a little heart.

The next nail design I tried was red roses, I had seen flower nail art a bit like this before so I looked at a couple of pictures and tried it out for myself . . .

I started of with a base coat of light blue, then once dried I placed a few random blobs or red. Once these blobs had dried I used a cocktail stick and a different shade of red to add in the petals and highlighted it a bit more with black polish. Again once dried I used a cocktail stick again to add some green leaves.

Starting onto my right hand I attempted the petals – he loves me, he loves me not. This took a couple of attempts, trying to do it using my left hand!

I’m sorry I only have 2 pictures for this nail, I was making so many mistakes that when I finally got it kind of working I didn’t take pictures. Firstly I started of with a base colour of a very pale, light pink. I then added the two yellow centres and using my white nail art pen and with the pen part I attempted to draw on petals and when dry highlighted them with the black nail art pen and tried to draw a ❤ and write ME.

This was my nod to the love heart for my pointer finger. I painted a base coat of peach and once dry I used my pink nail art pen to write ‘BE MINE’, I find writing in caps is a lot easier because it’s basically just straight lines.

At last I thought! My final nail, I painted a base coat of bright red and drew on a heart, filled with little hearts with the pen part of my white nail art pen.

So that’s it for my own ‘love’ nails, I hope you find this tutorial easy to follow and any questions please just ask me!

Lots of love


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