Welcome to LA LA LAND


I love how these days you can basically find anything and everything, not just on the internet but on Facebook! So often I come across some fab websites and businesses, either that my friends have liked and shared or that Facebook suggests for me on my newsfeed.  The latest website I have come across and I have fallen in love with is, in my opinion, quirky, unique, fashionable and cool!

Let me introduce you to LA LA LAND

Website and Online shop

Who and what is LA LA LAND?


I’m not sure if you can see the writing on the picture above and below so I shall type it out for you 🙂

LA LA LAND is an independent fashion boutique located at the heart of Glasgow’s west end, down the cobbled Cresswell Lane in     the famous De Courcy’s Arcade. It has been referred to to as “the west end’s answer to Urban Outfitters” and as having     “the best selection of acrylic jewellery in Glasgow” by local press and is popular with students, locals and tourists     looking for non-clichéd Scottish souvenirs. Recently LA LA LAND was featured in Air France’s in-flight magazine as one     of the best places to shop while staying in Glasgow!Our Glasgow boutique can be found on the Lower Floor of De Courcy’s Arcade, Cresswell Lane, Glasgow G12 8AA in Scotland.   We are open TUES-SAT 10:30am-6pm & SUN 12noon-5pm. Closed on Mondays.

* * * * * * * * * *

LA LA LAND is an independent online store dedicated to promoting exciting designers and brands. Where possible we source our collections in the UK and proudly support local designers.

You will find fashion collections from Jennie Loof, Brat & Suzie, Mollie Brown, Delicous Couture, Ohh Deer, Rowan Joy. We offer jewellery by Tatty Devine, Bonnie Bling, Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, Heidi Seeker, AnniesLand, Punky Pins & Lazy Oaf along with our very own LA LA LAND range.

LIVINGINLALALAND.CO.UK is the online home of our bricks n’ mortar Glasgow boutique so if you find yourself in the area, pop in and say ‘hello’.

Founded by Sarah Graham: Mother, rabbit owner, Smiths enthusiast, serial dieter and Editor of The Coveted Mag, in September 2010 – the boutique’s name was inspired by how often her parents would tell her that she was ‘living in LA LA LAND’ due to her harebrained schemes and plans! Sarah spends hours scouring fashion blogs, obscure fashion magazines & online marketplaces looking for new, upcoming designers and labels ensuring that LA LA LAND is regularly featured in some of her favourite publications and blogs.


Now you know a little more about them, let me show you some of my favourite items . . . .



I love this E.T. necklace, talk about bringing back childhood memories!



This necklace would be perfect for my best friend who loves Sausage Dogs!



I think the inner, forever wanting to be young, child in me is the reason why I fell in love with this Peter Pan necklace!



For a lover of vampires and the supernatural, like myself, this ring is a definite hit!



So the scrabble letter rings have been popular for quite a while, but this is the first old style typewriter key I have come across and I LOVE it, it’s so retro and kitsch!



Now I know I’m bad at always going straight to the jewellery sections of websites so I thought I’d show you one of the jumpers I like. A decent price – on sale and a lovely pastel, Spring colour.



I love the idea of chalking your hair with colour, a properly semi permanent hint of colour to your hair (don’t worry I’m in the process of getting a blog up showing you how to do this) so easily.


For more colours . . .


So what do you guys think? To see more why not . . .

Have a look on the website – http://www.livinginlalaland.co.uk/

Like them on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lalalanduk?fref=ts

Follow them on Twitter – @lalalanduk

Follow them on Instagram – @lalalanduk

Get looking and following!



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