Nails inc ‘V’ Models Own, let the battle commence

Right I think it’s time for a match, not the boring sports kind, but lets see how 5 Nails Inc polishes compare against 5 Models Own polishes.  Let me show and review these polishes for you. Can you always assume good quality for a higher price?

Models Own


From left to right Boogie Nights – Mirrorball, Northern Lights – Wonderland, Bubblegum – Ice Neon, Pukka Purple – Ice Neon and Emerald City – Glitter.

Boogie nights – Mirrorball –

Northern Lights – Wonderland –

Bubblegum – Ice Neon –

Pukka Purple – Ice Neon –

Emerald City – Glitter –


Again going from left to right with the polishes above these are the polishes with only one coat.

Coat number one, the non-glitter polishes look like they only need the one coat, really good coverage!

Coat number two, really this polish needs a full colour under it to really make it pop, very rarely with a polish like this will you get a full coverage, but that’s what you want, otherwise you wouldn’t get the full effect of the polish.

Coat number two on the rest of the nails, all really good coverage and well you can’t see too well with the lighting in this picture but both the Bubblegum and Pukka Purple are meant to be matte.  I have to say I wouldn’t overly describe them as a matte polish compared to other matte polishes I have from other brands, but I actually prefer Model’s Own’s level of matte and if you want it glossy, just apply your top coat.

Nails Inc

From left to right Ladbroke, Henley Regatta (also known as strawberry juicy sheer polish), Chester Street, Holland Park and Shorditch Lane

Ladbroke, £5 –

Henley Regatta, £5 –

Chester Street – this was my gift for becoming  VIP member for £5, unfortunately I can’t find a link for it

Holland Park, (as this is out of stock I can’t find a price for you) –

Shorditch Lane – Leather Effect Polish, £12 –

From left to right, this is coat one of the polishes.  When I first set eyes on Ladbroke I was pretty disappointed! The colour in real life was in no way neon and from the first coat on the nail I became even more disappointed! The colour was NOT neon and the polish is actually very thin and watery! Henley Regatta was also really thin but I assumed that was because it was a sheer polish and actually it did smell slightly different to the other polishes, I was convinced I could smell a hit of strawberry to the polish. Chester Street was a very subtle colour, that mum loved and I think would maybe look good as a base under some glitter polishes.  Again I was disappointed with Holland Park as it no way looked neon, it was thin and when dry went matte, (yes I know that can be fixed no problem with a top coat, but that’s not the point, this polish was not advertised as matte!) Also this is basically the same polish as two other Nails Inc polishes I have – Union Street and Miami purple!

Shoreditch lane, hmm what can I say? Ok the shape of mum’s nail isn’t the best, so perhaps that put me off slightly and this is actually two coats of polish (I have somehow misplaced the one coat picture). I just don’t know, I’m not 100% convinced, maybe on my own nails and in Autumn/Winter I will like this more.  I don’t think it really is that worthy of the £12 price tag.

Two coats, this definitely made the difference, but the neon green and neon purple were still NOT neon! I would also recommend a third coat on the Henley Regatta to make it pop that little bit more.

All in all Nails Inc disappointed me, for the price overall and quality Model’s Own definitely won this battle and have swayed my in the future to buy from Model’s Own before I even think about Nails Inc!  Model’s Own have a larger range of colours, they are a better price, good quality and they were delivered nearly a week before Nails Inc, even though they were ordered on the same day.



Zane xxxx

One thought on “Nails inc ‘V’ Models Own, let the battle commence

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