Part 2: Danny Mills Heart Foundation

Part two of Danny’s story and legacy! Again the information in this blog has been gathered from websites and newspaper articles – Belfast Telegraph, Bangor Spectator and Danny Mills Heart Foundation.

‘IF WE can prevent even one death, then that is Danny´s legacy – that he saved a life´.


“We don’t want Danny’s death to be in vain and if we can save even one life then that can be his legacy — that he died to save the lives of others.”

Why start the Foundation?

Current statistics show at least 12 young people die from undiagnosed heart conditions each week in the United Kingdom. For the family and friends of Danny Mills, this is simply too many young lives lost. The family has found great comfort in the charity which Pauline believes is a fitting legacy to her son and says if it helps prevent even one death through screening then it will have been worthwhile.

What is the foundation?

The Danny Mills Heart Foundation describe themselves as ‘a foundation set up in memory of Danny Mills. We aim to raise awareness of sudden adult death syndrome (SADS).’ Founded earlier this year, the charity was created to spread awareness of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, a potentially lethal condition which affects 500 people per year in the United Kingdom.

How did the Foundation come about?

One of Danny’s close friends Chris Armstrong explains how Danny was one of those people who was friends with everyone, but at the same time kept his close friends very close to him. “He really was one of a kind and had a great ability to bring different groups of friends together — so much so that I used to refer to him as everyone’s best friend. “The news of his death on New Year’s Day was too much to take in and many of us refused to believe it. “It is something that many of us still haven’t accepted but as in life, his death has brought all of Danny’s friends closer together. His popularity was made even more evident when over 700 people turned up to his funeral. “After Danny’s passing, all of his close friends wanted to help the family as much as possible and decided we would try and pay for as much of the funeral as possible.”

“During that first week, people around Bangor started to hear what we were trying to do and wanted to help out. Within seven days we had received over £1,000 — usually from people walking up to us in the street and handing over money to help. “We quickly realised that we needed to make it easier for anyone who wanted to donate and this led to the creation of a donation website, and by the end of the week donations reached over £3,500.  “This is when we told Frank and Pauline that we wanted them to have the money to help with any financial difficulties that may result from the passing of a loved one. “They were incredibly grateful, but asked if it would be possible to use the money to create a charity in memory of Danny.

“We were happy to help and the Danny Mills Heart Foundation was set up to raise awareness of sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) and provide equipment to local hospitals and sports clubs which may aid in the prevention or diagnosis of previously unknown heart conditions. “The public response towards the foundation has been better than any of us could ever have imagined.  The foundation aims to also raise funds to buy monitoring equipment and lobby government to make heart screening standard for every young person in Northern Ireland.

The Foundation’s Causes

  • Medical equipment and research
  • Heart screening
  • Raising awareness

For further information on the Foundation’s Causes please click

What has the Foundation achieved so far?

– To date the Danny Mills Heart Foundation Facebook page has 1,680 likes

– A new website has been introduced for the Foundation –

By donating to the charity, you can help save the lives of those who may have undiagnosed heart issues which could prove to be fatal. We seek to promote our cause of increased heart screening in young adults and provide equipment to local hospitals and sports clubs.

– The Danny Mills Heart Foundation has 170 followers on Twitter –

– Fundraising events have been planned and others have happened.

 -Merchandise has been created.

– A five-a-side Danny Mills Heart Foundation football team have been entered into the local five-a-side league.

– Some famous faces are supporting the Danny Mills Heart Foundation.

Previous fundraising events

The first big event was on the 16th March at the Marine Court Hotel in Bangor, they managed to sell out the venue with nearly 300 tickets sold within a week.  The night was a massive success and they made just over £5500!

Just last week the family and friends of the Danny Mills Heart Foundation were in Bloomfield’s fundraising, spreading information on the charity and selling wristbands.

Photo: We are fundraising in Bloomfield Shopping Centre today! Wrist bands are available to buy - come and say hello :)

A fun day was been had by all that attended this Fun Day in Donaghadee.

Cover Photo

Danny’s brother Jamie also raised over £1,000 with a sponsored haircut — something Danny used to pester him about continuously.



For more pictures of Jamie’s sponsored haircut


The wristbands have arrived! Anyone wanting one please contact The Danny Mills Heart Foundation via and they will get them to you! They are £1 each. (Thanks to the Signature Works for helping them get them ordered!)

The new Danny Mills Heart Foundation hoodies. The Foundation are trying to judge what the demand would be so that they can place a bulk order. Prices would be around £25. Please post on the Facebook page ( if you would be interested in buying one! They will also be selling t-shirts for £10 each.

Five-a- side football team

Photo: Danny Mills Heart Foundation champions of Bangor five-a-side league!

The Team

The team are currently top of the league with 4 wins in a row!

Famous Faces supporting the Danny Mills Heart Foundation

Photo: Miss NI Tiffany Brien supporting the DMHF with her wristband!

Miss Northern Ireland – Tiffany Brien

Ulster and Ireland rugby player Craig Gilroy is an ambassador for the Danny Mills Heart Foundation.

Craig was a good friend to Danny and was more than happy to help!

Photo: Unfortunately we didn't get time to say our bit tonight. However, we did get to meet Fabrice and get some of the foundation t shirts signed!

Members of the Danny Mills Heart Foundation, got to meet Fabrice Muamba, who was talking about SADS on a local TV show and get some of the foundation T-shirts signed!


The Danny Mills Heart Foundation were approached by the guys at Feel Good Fitness NI and have agreed to let them sponsor the Danny Mills Heart Foundation. They felt that this was an important step as sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) is common in young athletes and so having a gym on board can help them spread our message of awareness.
‘Everyone at Feel Good Fitness is incredibly enthusiastic about making this… partnership successful. They already have a number of plans to help raise money for the foundation including fitness classes, a zumbathon and other fundraising events.
Their Facebook page is posted below – please check these guys out. We encourage everyone to come along to the classes in a bid to raise as much money as possible.’

Show your support when you shop

‘Thanks to everyone who has been voting for us in the Asda chosen charity competition. It is currently very close but hopefully we can hold on (We are on the right-hand side). If you are in Asda in Bangor, you can ask for the green disks at the checkout and place them in the container supporting your charity of choice.’

Upcoming fundraising events

“Several schools, including Danny’s old school Bangor Academy, have also contacted us with plans for fundraisers. We have also been overwhelmed with the amount of people who have contacted us wanting to raise money via sponsored skydives, abseils and marathon runs.”

“Looking into the future we have a lot of events to look forward to. We are having a gala ball in the Stormont Hotel on the 5th October.”

Tickets will be priced at £40 per person and will include a 3 course meal, evening entertainment, a raffle and auction.

For those wishing to travel from Bangor your ticket price will also include free coach travel to and from the venue. We are restricted to 300 people for this event and will be accepting a non-refundable deposit of £20 to reserve a place.

Please contact them via our Facebook page or email if you are interested.

What I’d love you to do now . . .

Like and stay up to date with everything happening with the Danny Mills Heart Foundation by clicingk this link and remember to click ‘like’ on the page

Go check out the website

Follow the Danny Mills Heart Foundation  on Twitter –


Zane xxx

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