Dear Diary


Thursday 6th Sept 2018

Dear Diary

Oh boy do I miss home, sounds stupid seeing as I’m sitting down at home in my childhood home and my Mum’s house right now. Summer seems to have just disappeared, I feel like I was barely back down home in Bangor and so much has changed.

There are new houses up, the local club Cafe Ceol (many a night partying there and sticking to the floor) has now been re-branded into Ruby’s, one of the local restaurants that has been around FOREVER has been bought over and re-branded, we’re now getting a drive through Starbucks, there’s a Taboo Donuts and a Nugelato. Sounds stupid, but it’s just weird and new; different I suppose you could say.

I miss the memories just a drive home from work and through the town trigger, I miss that my family and friends are a 10 minute drive from me, I miss that I don’t see the beach anymore on a daily basis. Everything before I just took for granted.

Yes I like Lurgan and I’ve made some amazing friends, but it’s just not home, will it ever actually feel like home?

Am I looking uncommitted to Phil if I come back to Bangor once a week to see friends and family and stay down here as it will probably be after work?

Will I ever move back home to Bangor? Will we set up roots somewhere else?

All these questions and all this change, it’s like missing a lost friend.


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