Do your bit for Charity without flashing the cash

Is it just me or does it seem to be that every where you turn these days you are faced with someone collecting money for charity? May it be people looking sponsorship, charity mornings, those usually really rude charity collectors in the shopping centres! I personally have a few charities I like to sponsor, there are so many you literally couldn’t sponsor them all!

May it be ones close to your heart due to knowing the person they are for, being touched by the person’s charity or perhaps something you have experienced yourself first hand these are the ones you will always go out of your way to help.  And for all the others, yes people will make you feel guilty for not supporting them, perhaps not intentionally but you know that look you get or the chatter about you not sponsoring them.

Even for those I like to sponsor I don’t always have the money, the last month or so that has been the case, due to a mix up with my pay I was mega short on cash.  So I looked to other ways of supporting my charities and those charities close to my family and friends.

Breast cancer awareness

I bought nails inc Pinkie Pink polish by Poppy Delevingne and painted my nails using my pink polishes.  This caught so many people’s eye and reminded them it was breast cancer awareness month as well as a certain amount of money from the nail polish being donated to the charity.

However last year I didn’t have the money to shell out on a nails inc polish supporting breast cancer awareness month so I simply used the polishes I had and some creativity to do my bit for charity for FREE!

Stand Up To Cancer

This is a charity close to my heart as it’s something I can relate to.  Last year was the first time I had heard of it so I think all I did was text to donate.  However this time I decided to buy a t-shirt and hoodie. Ok so not really doing much for my no need to flash the cash motto.  Once again though I went for the nail art, to be honest I was bored one night and decided to try out some Stand Up To Cancer nails.

I had so many people comment on these nails, most recognised the Cancer Focus logo and then I was able to tell them about Stand Up To Cancer.  Sometimes it’s just about spreading awareness.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

As you all know I love to bake! A couple of months ago (shame on me it has just been so long since I have had the chance to blog!) I was asked by my Dad to bake some cupcakes for his friend’s coffee morning in support of Marie Curie.  Seeing as I have all the baking things in the house this didn’t cost me anything but my time.

I was so happy with how these turned out as well as how well they went down at the coffee morning.  All selling at £3.50 each they helped to raise a lot of money!  I also received loads of compliments about how professional they looked and good they tasted, apparently they were the first things to sell out.

The Poppy Appeal

Every year I buy my paper poppy, the last few years Dad has bought me one of the pins, without fail though I always lose them, they always fall out.  The other problem is I put them on a coat and then change to a different coat, so I always talk about how much I would love a poppy ring and I look every year at them and never end up buying one.  This year I said this to my fab friend Linda (owner and designer of ) and she made me a little poppy ring, isn’t it just gorgeous!  To go with the ring I decided to paint my nails a poppy red colour with some poppy nail art on my ring finger, very easy to do and very effective.

Danny Mills Heart Foundation

You guys all know how much I try to support this local charity and I’ve been dying to make some cupcakes to show my support for it but the chance just hadn’t arose.  So when my Mum, who holds a charity coffee morning in her work every 6 months told me she had picked the Danny Mills Heart Foundation I just had to make these cupcakes.

I had so much fantastic feedback from total strangers and those running the charity, including Danny’s lovely Mum Pauline I was blown away.  Mum’s coffee morning was a private thing for her residents but I hope in the new year to have more time on my hands to bake some more to sell to the public.  Once again these were free for me to do, Mum bought the eggs and butter and I just gave my time.  It was a struggle with so much work on at the same time but it was definitely worth it in the end as it raised awareness and helped to raise a lot of money for the charity.

There you go, you can support your chosen charities without breaking the bank or at times not spending a penny.  If baking or nail art isn’t your thing then why not give up some of your time to volunteer, tell others about the charity and spread the word, or perhaps change your profile picture on your chosen social network.

Are there any other ways you support a chosen charity? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!



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