Weekend Roundup

Mr weekend you take so long to come yet go so quickly.  This weekend, well Saturday for sure I packed you full!

A couple of new obsessions

These are by far my new favourite crisps! I love Keogh’s but cannot find them anywhere where I live, yet on Friday I spotted them in one of the local coffee shops, YAY! I thought I would give these sweet chilli and Irish red pepper a go, OMW to die for, I even sent mum in today to stock me up on a few more packets! So if anyone spots them in the supermarket be sure to let me know!

New obsession number 2 . . . Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappuccino!  This has to be one of the best flavour combos, chocolate, coffee and coconut, nom nom!

Mum and I picked up one this avo, taking advantage of their latest offer!

Not like I need an excuse to try out this little beauty, but seeing as you offered Mum and I treated ourselves, it is def a hit with us, my Starbucks drink of the Summer.


Everyone, meet my new baby! Yes, I am utterly sad, I love to plan and organise.  For the last month or so I have been looking for a new academic diary, mine will run out at the end of June and in work we are already planning summer scheme which starts in July so I have no where to plan!  I have looked everywhere for an academic diary I like and that has a day to day view, I do so much in one day in work I need as much space as I can get per page.  Finally after not being able to find what I wanted anywhere I went into Paperchase (my favourite stationary store EVER!) and opted for one of their organisers!  Unfortunately the diary section isn’t day to day but I bought some of the undated refills, these cover I day (back and front) a page so I will use these for work stuff and the diary bit for my personal and social life stuff.

Here is the link to the organiser I bought – http://www.paperchase.co.uk/stationery/diaries-organisers/organisers/zanzibar-leather-personal-organiser.html

Be sure to look at all the other gorgeous ones tho!


The wifey and I headed out on Saturday night for date night! Chinese followed by Bad Neighbours, I absolutely loved this film, so funny, THEEEE cutest baby and OMW a half naked Zac Efron, best end to a Saturday night! I literally laughed so much and loved Rose Byre in this role, you guys gotta go see it!


I have to admit I wasn’t the best behaved this week so this is the motivation I need to be 100% on track this week with my cheat day on Thurs night for dinner with the work girlies.  More walking this week too, I will be a skinny mini, I will!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!


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