Time to meet a god


Just a typical Wednesday night . . . Not! Out with the bestie taking the dog for a walk in our old and after the jumping dog, dirty clothes, combined with muddy wellies in the local forest and look who was out!!

Filming in the old, disused leisure centre was Loki himself Tom Hiddleston.  Little old Bangor,  Co.down is home to the filming of High Rise, Tom’s latest project.

I have heard he’s been out and about meeting and greeting the fans, I’ve seen the pictures, but I’d not seen him myself.   As soon as I spotted him I knew I had to go for a picture!  I have to say he was so lovely, took the time to speak to everyone, didn’t rush, and even spoke to people on the phone.  So lovely and friendly he was an absolute pleasure to meet and he even commented on how we were in matching hoodies lol.


6 thoughts on “Time to meet a god

    1. The security guy held the dog so my friend could take the pic 🙂 Awh I look OK for a mid walk picture lol I do think we make a lovely looking couple hehe xx

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