Little tourists in a big city – A little chocolate goes a long way!


As some of you may have seen from my previous post Chocolate I have developed a bit of a thing for fine chocolate, oh my word in my old age have I become a chocolate snob?!  On one of out many walking the street sessions trying to figure out where to go with goggle maps we came across this gorgeous little chocolatier Urban Cacao.  Looking through the window your mouth starts to water, as you walk in your senses become fully heightened, they have a chocolate fountain!  Initially I thought it would be one of those really posh and expensive chocolatiers that no way would we be able to afford, but I was extremely happy to be proved wrong!


It’s not just chocolate bars they make, but macrons, truffles, chocolates, chocolate bars etc

12144732_10153113577062021_8110681386853586196_n 12140851_10153113577112021_6028952121853245803_n 12122775_10153113576677021_6500218927346778157_n 12118892_10153113576987021_9185344894527776042_n 12115869_10153113576512021_5815511509859226692_n 12109143_10153113576947021_2937478186391532170_n 12109143_10153113576947021_2937478186391532170_n 12108949_10153113577177021_5424747522591726025_n 12106727_10153113577142021_6376174255579181633_n

I bet your mouth is watering already! Well alongside those delicious and colourful little beauties there are walls filled with blocks and bars of chocolate!

12112184_10153113576902021_8391674587609229288_n 12105887_10153113577212021_4431999389264272694_n

On a large table in the centre of the shop there are multiple bars of chocolate with little bowls of chocolate pieces to taste.



We were actually able to taste every chocolate!  The lady working was extremely friendly and helpful without being pushy (you know what some places can be like) and she really put us at ease.  Explaining all the different chocolates, what we could taste in them, where they were from etc.  When it came to us not being able to decide on just one, she actually encouraged us to have another taste and to compare.


Initially Sarah and I were just going to get a bar each at I think it was 6 euros 75, however they had a deal where we could get three bars at a discounted rate (unfortunately I can’t remember the exact amount).

11217673_10153113589047021_6420708321994367726_n (2)

Not only are each bars indivially wrapped in the most stunning papers but the chocolate inside is to die for! I went for the Blended Caramel Sea Salt Dark Chocolate (on the left) and Sarah went for the same thing but in the milk chocolate – Blended Caramel Sea Salt Milk Chocolate (on the right) and in the middle is the one we bought to share that night the Grand Cru Origin Madagascar 33% Cacao.

To find Urban Cacao you can find them on this map.

This is their Website.

This is their Facebook page.

So if you are passing by or have time to spare make sure you head over and pick up yourself a sweet treat!  I will definitely be looking to see if I can order some and get it delivered to Northern Ireland!!

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