2013 Recap – Part 2

April was a crazy, brilliant month with soo much fitted into it!

There was a baby date! These two were so cute together, my wee niece and my friend’s little one!

My best friend’s mum got remarried

I made the wedding favours . . . mini bride and groom cupcakes

I found out more about The Danny Mills Heart Foundation and started supporting them

Ryan and I went to Amsterdam

Ryan and I absolutely loved Amsterdam and would return in a heartbeat! So many great memories from this holiday!!

I went for baby pink hair

Nail art for friends and family

Nail art for myself

First off was my friend Lauren and her other half Gary’s Wedding

I turned my hair lilac

I started my garden patch

I spent time with my bestie and her girls

I spent many days out with Ryan and he finally got me to climb Cave Hill

The BBQ season commenced

Plenty of nail art

I baked for special occasions

 In June I spent time with family

Celebrated my new job and my friend leaving hers for a new one too

I started my first day of work, from volunteer to worker

Lots of nail art

Long, hot, sunny days

Nights out with friends

Awh you have got to love those Summer nights!


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