We’re OVER!!!

After nine months my relationship with Glossybox is OVER! At the start I loved it, a little present of goodies each month for the small amount of around £15 a month. Fantastic, a total bargain at the start with so many great products, but as the months went on I felt the products were less impressive.  I’d soon developed my own collection of hair serum products, once you’ve tried one, you’ve basically tried them all and with some one who doesn’t have dry or frizzy hair this product becomes pointless!!!

Let me give you a bit of a run down (I have gathered most of these pictures off Google as I have misplaced mine)


This box I loved! – 5/5 liked

 – The perfume age appropriate and smelt great

– The hairspray well needed

– The polish a gorgeous colour and I would use

– Elizabeth Arden, a great product

 – Jelly pong pong, I wasn’t too sure on the colour at the start but fell in love, great colour and a fantastic product


This was the Pearl Lowe box, I was super excited about it coming but was a little disappointed. – 2/5 liked

– The Essie nail polish colour was a bit pants, seeing as I had received a red last month I would have liked a colour further away than coral

– The perfume smelt like something my mum would wear

– The blush was just ok

– The nip + fab mango smoothie smelt really iffy, however once applied it was a really good product and smelt miles better once on the skin

– The sun and sense was great to use on holiday


This was basically my box, apart from the chocolate, again I was pretty disappointed!- 0/5 liked

– Glossybox mini nail files, to me this was a bit of a cop out, more of a filler than a gift

– Harmony, from what I can remember this was a moisturiser, but I never used it

– The clear gel like liquid in the tub was a kind of primer, but as I don’t wear heavy makeup or for that long a time I didn’t use it as I wouldn’t need it

– The nails inc polish, an orange, quite a nice colour for spring but again along the same track as the reds and corals I had received before

– The first of the frizz ease/argon oil products, I didn’t use this as I didn’t need to with my hair condition

– The mascara, this was good but seemed more like a free sample you would get in a magazine, it was the same length as my little finger!


This picture is as close to my box I could get, the only difference was I received a black/blue eye shadow and a darker lip balm, for this reason I was unimpressed, I mean who would wear such dark colours in June?! – 0/5 liked

– Frizz ease, another hair serum to add to the collection

– A dark lip liner, one I would never wear as I don’t wear dark colours on my lips or lip liner

– Black/blue eyeshadow, something perhaps I would wear in Autumn/Winter but not in June!

– Moisturiser, this wasn’t too bad

– Lip balm, this lip balm was alright, however had a bit of a strange texture



This box I was actually pretty impressed with again! – 3/5 liked

– I loved the facial spritz, it was great for the summer months

– The boho beach waves product was pants, it left my hair looking more unwashed and wet than anything else, I was very disappointed!

– Pout paint, I liked both of the colours and wore the peach one a few times over the summer

– Essie nail wraps, ooh these are one of my pet peeves, I really can’t stand nail wraps and who in July would wear black nail wraps?! Again I think Glossybox got their seasons mixed up

– Coola tinted moisturiser was great for the summer when I was wearing very little makeup


I actually did like this, I think it was the amazing eyelash curlers that won me over! – 2/5 liked

– Eyeliner, I loved this and it has even made its way into my makeup bag

– Moisturiser, I have to admit I didn’t try this as I was happy with my moisturiser at the time

– Tresemme, I decided on a pamper night to use this and yeah it was good

– Eyelash curler, initially I nearly poked my eye out a few times but as I got used to it I fell in love, it curled my eyelashes in seconds and has also made its way into my makeup bag

– Makeup remover, I haven’t actually tried this yet


This box looked good but at a closer look, not so fab – 1/5 liked

– lip balm described as nipple balm totally but me off and even more so when I seen the thick texture

– Fake eyelashes, very natural, when it comes to lashes I prefer to make an impact

– Perfume, something more to my mum’s taste

– Liquid eyeliner, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this and it made it straight into my makeup bag

– Another serum . . . ugh!


Not that impressed – 2/5 liked

– Oh look yet ANOTHER serum!

– Perfume, I LOVE this, I had tried it before so was happy to get another sample and actually I ended up getting it for Christmas

– Moisturisers I haven’t tried either, I like the one I’m using so haven’t bothered trying the others

– Cherub’s blush, I’ve not tried this on my checks but do like it as a light hint on my lips under a gloss, I only use a little amount, one because I don’t want it too dark and two it really tickles painting it on your lips!


TERRIBLE! – 0/5 liked

I’m not even going to go into a description as I didn’t like any of these! Once again when it came to the dry skin exfoliator Glossybox got their seasons mixed up, this would have been perfect for the summer!


As a Christmas box I was really unimpressed, this month for me was Glossybox’s last chance! 1/5 liked

– The only good thing about this box was the razor


I think I’ve made my point and I am upset that I’ve had to dump Glossybox as others I have seen online have received so many better products or ones more relevant to me which is disappointing.

Perhaps if I keep an eye out and see an improvement in the future I may be tempted to return . . .

Are you a Glossybox user? What do you think of Glossybox? I really would love to hear your opinions or if you know of any other products like this please let me know!


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