Saturday night @ the drive through


Last night was date night with the wifey (my bestestest friend, not actually married lol).  She had spotted online an outdoor cinema night, not sure what the film was or where it was going to be we were like yes, def, let’s do it. We’d never been to one before, it was only a fiver (per car, not even per person) and it sounded fun!


The night had been organised by Belfast Film Festival, was at Hillview Retail Park on the Crumlin Road in Belfast.  Claiming it quite possibly the World’s largest LED screen, we were able to find the place very easily, no thanks to google maps.


Saturday night’s film was the 1983 film Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy.  Click here to find out more about the film.


So for our first time at an outdoor cinema we came prepared because we had no clue what to expect.  And for you guys like me who wonder ‘how do you hear it’? You don’t need to have your windows down you tune your radio in to a wavelength they give you.  However you could have your window open and listen, they had the sound on for people who wanted to sit out and watch.


You can kind of see from this picture I got as we were leaving they had a row of seats out for people, although I don’t see the appeal of it, Belfast in October and it was a drive in cinema.


As you can see we made ourselves extremely comfy staying in the car! Matching fleece blankets, and mountains of food!


You can’t have too many treats, well options for the cinema.


*Note we didn’t actually manage to eat it all


We did have a good go at it though!


Our experience

We had a really good time at the outdoor cinema, a couple of downfalls were the tuning in to the radio (in out car the signal was a bit fuzzy and crackly), however the attendants were really good and actually fiddled about with the car ariel to fix it.  The other was where we were asked to park (yes I’m just being picky here) but I would have liked the screen to have been straight in front of us rather than to the side, as it was a little awkward to see where I was sitting. However it really was a fun experience, the film was good and it was an experience we would definitely do again, actually we are already planning our next one.  My car next time though, its all about trying the different cars for comfort.


Have you ever tried out a drive in cinema before? Any tips you would pass on to us for the next time??


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